Music: transcribing & practicing

What makes Transcribe! the perfect tool for transcribing music is not only the slowdown function, but the markings and text blocks you can put right on the waveform which give a great  visual overview of a song. This makes it easy to navigate to find exactly where you want to play from. 

Whole song (Cmd + G) w/ measures and descriptive annotations
Zoomed in (Cmd + arrow)


For practicing your instrument with Transcribe! you have functions like 'speed up' where you can have a loop starting out at a slow speed and gradually increase the speed as the loop repeats. 

There is also an equalizer and karaoke mode that let you supress or boost certain frequencies so that Transcribe! can function as a music-minus-one for practice when you take out e.g. the bass of a recording. 

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