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 I have been an enthusiastic user of Transcribe! for more than 10 years. 

As a musician it has become indispensable in my work transcribing music professionally.

In learning Argentine tango Transcribe! has made it so much easier for me to study and learn new steps and figures, and for improving my Spanish writing the dialogs from videos above the waveform is a very inspiring way to assimilate a new language. 

I am sure Transcribe! would be useful for you too. 

  • Slow down audio
  • Mark measures and beats on the waveform
  • Transpose to other keys
  • Fine tune in cents
  • Annote above waveform
  • Equalizer
  • Loop sections
  • Music practice 
  • Gradually increase loop speed
    ... or movement in general,              like martial arts etc. 
  • Separate video window
  • Slow down video
  • Bookmark list 
  • Annotate above the waveform
  • Slow down audio
  • Language learning
  • Textblocks above waveform
  • Subtitling of videos
  • Export text to Word etc.   
  • Timestamps for video texting
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